Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hanging on

I haven't gone off-grid, I swear, I'm just busy! Some annoying things called E-S-S-A-Y-S have taken over my life at the moment, the weather is all over the place (what's with the random bouts of hail?) and...erm...I think that I lost my bike. (Oxford is a pretty safe place if you're a student; not so much if you're a bicycle.)

...And to save this post from being an entire waste of pixels, here, have some more pictures from before Ireland that I forgot to blog about!

Remember how we made our own dumplings for Chinese New Year? Well I
finally have pictorial proof of that now! 

Our super-duper dumpling assembly chain. They were great,
 especially since most had never done this before!

Dusk, as seen from my study room. 

We love our pun-tastic parties. This was for two friends' joint birthday.
 L to R: a Z-bra, Sweet As, WarLord, a "Palay"on words and a cereal killer.

Yet more puns! Eggbox 360 & a Zeit-Geist.

Afternoon tea at the Randolph!

'Twas v. fancy  'n v. yummy indeed.

One day, I was walking by the river...and saw this boat pass by with more
humans on it than I thought possible. (The boat was tilting!)

That is all. See you on the other side of these essays, which will be in one week, and...*gulp*... the beginning of my very last term at Oxford!

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