Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to the grinding stone*

Remember how I took up fencing at the beginning of last semester? If you're wondering why I never updated about my progress (or lack of),'s because I sort of didn't go to the rest of the sessions. Ahem. Hence why I've joined another Beginners class this semester!

The first session was on Sunday. It felt great (and sweaty, I will never repeat this enough) to get back into action, although I honestly did not miss the smell of shared, sweat-drenched fencing equipment. Even fencing gloves leave the most persistent stale-sweat smell onto your hands. Sorry, a glamourous hobby this is not.

Things I realized during the session:

a) Whatever muscles or reflexes I might have previously acquired...gone. Vanished. Pouf! I think that I might need Remedial Fencing Footwork 101.

b) Most likely due to (a) above, I am now suffering from the strangest and most localized aches and pains (it's Monday as I write this): a nagging pain in my left lower back, sore right leg and hip, aching right shoulder, tense left-side neck. Ow. Maybe I should become ambidextrous to even out the pains?

c) Footwork drills and freestyle bladework will get your heart rate up. You will sweat. A lot. Especially inside your fencing mask. Which means, if you were glasses like me, that they will fog up almost entirely. Which means, logically following, THAT YOU CAN NO LONGER SEE YOUR OPPONENT. Which is of entirely, inherently and generally PROBLEMATIC for a combat sport.

Sure, look cool, you non-spectacled person. AT LEAST YOU CAN SEE.

So in other words, this semester I shall endeavour to: i) not skive off any fencing session, ii) become ambidextrous so that my pains and muscle mass will be evenly distributed on both sides, and iii) get custom-made glasses/miniature windshield-wipers installed inside my fencing mask. Or possibly get contacts.

*But not, like, literally since fencing swords aren't actually meant to cut through anything. Or anyone. Thank God.

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