Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 costumes and a belated post

[Health update: My cold is most tenacious, but I'm -- hopefully -- mostly recovered. No idea whether it had anything to do with last week's accidentally skipped Jurisprudence seminar...]

I meant to post about the Halloween shenanigans ages ago but somehow never quite got to it. Oh well, better late than never.

Halloween this year was an elaborate affair. I actually put on not one, nor two, but THREE costumes! It all started on Thursday the 27th, which was our friend M's birthday. As per our grand tradition of celebrating whatever occasion we can find, we had a party that evening but with a twist: a 20's theme! (Themed parties are going to be the thing for our group from now...can't wait for the next one!) Prohibition, gangsters and flapper were de rigueur. Well, except for the actual Prohibition part...let's pretend that we were in a speakeasy?

Look at all these flappers and gangsters. Roaring Twenties incarnate!

Flapper photobomb! Crashing the birthday girl's portrait.

Then, on Friday our college MCR held an outdoors Halloween party, to which we brought our most imaginative, elaborate and/or pun-tastic costumes...

Three guesses as to what I was. Let me give you a clue:
I was dressed like a French caricature and had pieces of
toast  stuck to me. (Yes this is beyond nerdy. Haha.)

Here I am with my friends Blackmail and the Cold War. Oh the puns we made.

And on Saturday St-Anthony's College had their annual Hallow-Queen bop, which means cross-dressing and lots and lots of funny people watching. (Seeing 6 feet-tall guys attempting in heels was a riot was something. And pronouns were a bit difficult that night. "Hey, did he...she...erm... just spill my beer?!")

Girls being boys (including Van Gogh and Doctor Who) was fun...

...but clearly the boys got the more fun end of the bargain! 

When Sunday, the actual 31st, finally rolled around, we were all too tired to do anything. Although, I did find out that night that our porch light is a security light which doesn't turn off. Consequently, kids kept ringing our doorbell and my flatmates and I, after I gave away my last three apples (the kids didn't seem too happy about them), hid and pretended to not be home...

(Photo credit: some are mine, most were taken from various friends' Facebooks.)

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