Thursday, December 15, 2011

The ABC of Oddities: 'A' is for All Souls

(Hello hello! Remember how I said I might be an ABC of Oxfordian oddities? Well, here is the first entry from that series. One down, hopefully twenty-five more to come!)

All Souls College is famous for being: a) drop-dead gorgeous; b) the richest of the Oxford colleges; and c) not having a single student. That's right, not a single student! Instead, all of its members are fellows of the College (which admittedly includes some graduate students who are research fellows, but usually professors and lecturers).

The Rad Cam overlooking All Souls' main quad.

The North Wall of the main squad. This entire side houses the college's
(gorgeous, envy-inspiring, need-permission-from-a-Fellow) library.

I first wrote about All Souls when I went there for a Jurisprudence seminar in Week 1. Since then, I have been back...well, weekly for the duration of the Michaelmas Term, since I had my "Law and the State" seminar there every Friday from 5 to 7pm. Said seminars took place in the rather intimidating Wharton room (as if Jurisprudence classes by themselves weren't intimidating enough). With its green felt-covered wooden table, paintings, chandeliers and bookshelves, the room is more wartime-conference room than classroom:

The Wharton Room, All Souls College

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