Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Masquerade Ball

(Catch-up time! I meant to post this before I left for Fuerteventura, but got sidetracked by errands. I've actually got quite a few posts lined up for the next days -- exciting!)

On a Thursday a few weeks ago, a few of my friends went to a Masquerade Ball that had been organized for American Thanksgiving. (A Canadian celebrating an American holiday in England with an Venetian-themed party? Pourquoi pas?) It was held in the beautiful church of St-Aldate's (where I had an International Student Welcome Dinner the first week), and I think that they did a great job of decorating the place: 

Dinners and balls and Church services...who knew that 800
year-old buildings could be this versatile!

The view from the other side. They even managed to get
a real gondola in there!

I will also mention that a few wardrobe crises were had right before this event. I had been warned to bring a lot of dresses to Oxford, but clearly I will still run out of formal wear before the end of the year! And also I could not believe the line that day at the costume shop for buying a mask...

My friend J and I. Yes, together we are Jay-Z.

Last-minute wardrobe crises notwithstanding, I think we all look pretty spiffy!

Since the event took place on the day following Guest Night, I was a bit tired and very grateful (haha) indeed for the delicious Thanksgiving meal that they served. Nothing like turkey and pecan pie to make one feel at home...even if it is served a month late by Canadian standards!


  1. Your red dress is BEAUTIFUL! Is it yours or did you borrow it off a friend?

  2. Thank you! Nope, it's mine and has been for a few years now.