Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quelle forte aventure!

I've been back -for a few days now- from my wonderful vacation to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. My friend M (the same one who celebrated her birthday with a 20's theme) and I wanted a few days of sun, sea and Spanish food to get away from the Oxford stress and English weather. We got exactly what we wanted and couldn't have been happier. 

(A tip for future travelers though: Rent a car to get around, or else you'll walk around for hours in the dark looking for the hostel and be then left to the mercy of buses -- or guaguas, as they call them on the island!) 

We went, we breathed in the fresh ocean air and got slightly sunburned.

Our hostel was hard to find but more than worth it. Gorgeous views and rooms!

The island itself is beautiful, in a quiet and rugged way, with volcanoes all throughout the island which taper into the Atlantic Ocean in a mix of sand and volcanic rocks. It's also very windy, making it a veritable surfer's paradise. My favorite spot was probably the sleepy little fishing village of El Cotillo, which has some stunning beaches and sunsets:

The beaches just South of El Cotillo. The little specks you see are surfers!

M and I enjoyed a nice dinner in the village, with fresh
seafood that had been caught the same day. 

Being the Canary Islands, the place remains geared towards tourists, especially German and English families. There are quite a few resorts scattered around Fuerteventura, which are also beautiful in an entirely different sort of way. We spent quite a bit of time in one such town, Corralejo:

Lots of colourful vacation houses and palm trees 'round these parts.

The beach in Corralejo: Playa Corralejo Viejo.

And of course, one musn't forget about the wonderful (and fattening) food we had there!

Spanish cold cuts and goat cheese from the Canary Islands.
We loved it so much that we had them for breakfast...twice!

So overall, this vacation = SUCCESS. Plus it has absolutely reminded me of my love for España, which means that 2012 will be another year packed with Spanish escapades. (This trip to Fuerteventura may or may not have been the fifth time I go to Spain this year. Erm.)

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